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Why does 17 meat taste better?

We develop and implement production parameters to ensure real and consistent qualities in our final product.

We believe that the taste of meat depends on four main factors: cattle feed, feeding time, breed and age of cattle.
We are convinced that the flavor of the meat will depend on the feed that is provided to the cattle. At Rancho el 17 we produce appetizing feed for cattle and with pleasant flavors. Our cattle are fed with the best products: steam processed cereals, enriched with molasses, vitamins, minerals and natural forages. We use very high levels of vitamin E and A that increase the shelf life of the meat, keeping it red for more days. we have the highest rates of healthy cattle resulting from exceptional management of preventive medicine.
Calidad rancho el 17
Rancho el 17 produces the meat under the prolonged feeding scheme (Long Fed), which consists of periods of 180 to 230 days of intensive feeding, equaled only by some productions in the United States, Australia and Japan.
For production, only quality number 1 European cross breeds are selected from the so-called meat breeds, which produce higher quality meat in terms of tenderness and flavor. Rancho el 17 is the only company that produces meat from animals under 22 months, which guarantees tender, juicy and healthy meat.

Our Guarantees

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rancho el 17
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Food safety

The climatic and geographical conditions, as well as the state control program implemented by the State Government, have made Sonora the State with the best zoosanitary status in the country.
Sonora is disease free and internationally recognized for its safe production of live cattle and beef. As a result of this, Rancho el 17 has the conditions to produce the safest and tastiest meat in the world.
In addition, the plant Slaughter and cutting and deboning has the TIF (Federal Inspection Type) certification, which is a set of precepts, limitations, obligations and surveillance of the highest sanitary level, exercised by the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Food (SAGARPA), in accordance with certain internationally accepted standards, on premises, their construction, conservation and hygiene.